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Group/Employer/Small and Large Business Dental Insurance Plans

Dental health has consistently been found to be important to employees. What’s more, it’s an investment in the health of your employees and their wellbeing. When looking for a dental plan for your employees, consider a separate benefit package with an emphasis on preventive care, high-quality providers, discounts, and customer service.

Dental Plan Types

There are a few different plan types you can offer your employees. Beyond adding employer-based dental benefits, you can choose voluntary dental insurance benefits, buy-up dental plans, or Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans.

Voluntary dental insurance benefits are when your employees can buy benefits at group rates while you receive payroll tax deductions. Buy-up dental plans let you offer employees different dental plans at differing employer contribution levels. Administrative Services Only (ASO) dental plans offer your employees the same products and dental network access but they use their own funds to cover claims.

You can choose to offer dental insurance as a separate benefit rather than as part of your medical insurance package. This allows the dental plan to be more effective: standalone plans process claims faster and develop relationships with providers that earn your employees better discounts.

What to Look for in a Dental Plan

Think of what your employees want and what will be cost-effective for your business. A good dental insurance plan should have a focus on preventative care, including regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, and exams. Employees who take advantage of preventive dental care report better oral health, and oral health has ties to many areas in your overall health.

You should get a dental network that has incentives for accessing preventive care, a network of high-quality dental providers, savings through discounts, and access to specialty care like orthodontics or pediatric dentistry. Customer service is also critical to employee satisfaction, and you should prioritize that when searching for a plan.

Why Offer Group Dental Insurance?

Why bother to provide this benefit for your employees? The fact is, when dental coverage is offered a majority of employees take part in the coverage, and dental coverage is ranked just after medical insurance in importance of benefits. When it comes to retaining employees, you want to provide what your quality staff cares about, and that’s dental.

When your employees take part in preventive dental care, they are investing in their health. Employers with higher utilization of dental coverage spent less money on claims. Employer groups that used their preventive benefits spent seven times less on major dental procedures than those groups with low utilization. Preventive care lowers costs.

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Choosing a Dental Plan

The health of your employees should matter to you, and that includes dental health. You should select a dental network with a focus on preventive care in order to lower your claims costs and improve the health of your employees. Your employees are looking for dental coverage that allows them to afford their regular visits to the dentist as well as the opportunity to visit a specialist if the need arises. Cater to their health and their wallets with a responsible yet cost-effective dental insurance choice.

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